5 things make us better than competitors

Yes, there are so many similar projects on market, so we will face the same question for a thousand times, what is your difference?

1.Our unique transaction fee mode

Not like other projects which use a fixed fee rate, which has no fun! LWAV has a self-adaptive model to define the transaction fees. The fees are changed for every transaction with a range of 0.5%~5% depends on the transaction size. It will be a game playing between whales and fishes to get the benefit, you must consider the transaction size first.

2. Our Anti-whale mechanism

The bigger transaction size has the higher fee, while smaller transaction size has the lower fee. Thus the whales must think twice before they sell. If whales dump the tokens they will take a serious loss, but still they can buy or sell by spliting their desired volume into several transactions.

3. Our flexibility on contract

Not like other projects, our coding ability makes it possible to allow changes of the settings even happen after token is deployed on chain. We can adjust the excluded addresses by adding or deleting them, this gives us big operation space for improvements according to project and community development.

4. Our true DAO governance

If we can adjust the excluded addresses like mentioned above, who has the right to trigger such decision? Only our community can. The LWAV holders can vote to decide on big matters, they can also raise a proposal. We will make LWAV be managed by holders through a good voting system, so when and what adjustments to be make, all will be ruled by community.

5. Our eternal blackhole

We do not even hesitate a second, we just send 5% of our token at the beginning to blackhole, then the blackhole address can get shared transaction fee forever. With the fact that nobody can touch the tokens in blackhole, it will hold more and more LWAV, that will cause a constant deflation which will impact token price positively.